Chicago’s unseasonable warm weather broke a 36-year-old record Saturday, marking the second consecutive day of record-high February temperatures.

The previous record high for Feb. 18 was 62 degrees in 1981, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Matt Friedlein. Saturday’s temperature at O’Hare International Airport surpassed that record by 11:25 a.m. and had reached 70 degrees as of 2:18 p.m.

The 70-degree temperature marked the fourth time since 1871 that Chicago has reached 70 degrees in February, the weather service announced on Twitter Saturday afternoon. The city previously reached 72 degrees on Feb. 25, 2000; 70 degrees on Feb. 11, 1999; and 75 degrees on Feb. 27, 1976.

Friday’s pleasant weather also broke a record set more than a century earlier when the high reached 67 degrees, the weather service said. The previous record of 60 degrees was set on Feb. 17, 1880.

The warm spell was expected to last through much of the next week, according to the weather service. Sunday could see a high of 60 and Monday could bring temperatures as high as 64. Tuesday could start a slow decline into the upper 50s for daily highs.