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Monday letters: Bobcat hunting indefensible

An Illinois bobcat | AP file

I have lived in Illinois my whole life. I have been to the north and south of this state, camping in rural areas, and I have never once seen a bobcat! Obviously, we do not have a bobcat problem. Yet hunters now have permission to kill a bobcat should they see one. Not that bobcats are a problem; they just exist. This makes no sense at all. When are we going to stop catering to hunters? Man is the only species that kills for fun, for pleasure, simply because he can. Other species kill only to survive, to exist. So who is the true animal? Has it ever occurred to lawmakers that if we would leave bobcats alone, we would not have to cull deer populations? That’s what bobcats do.

Connie Orland, Joliet

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Police do not shoot to kill

The question of why police shoot to kill has been raised. Most shots fired at an offender by the police wound or incapacitate and do not kill. The intent is not to kill, but the assumption is that if deadly force is used, it could be fatal. On a gun range under ideal conditions, deliberate aiming and firing is a lot different than using deadly force in a tactical situation. Officers are told that when they use a firearm, it could result in death. It is something they will have to live with the rest of their lives.

John Culloton, Norwood Park

Yes, ‘people are hurting’

Scott Reeder’s column on Dec. 31 demonstrates the worst that Illinois has to offer. His “I’m unaffected, so what’s the problem” attitude is a big part of the problem. He’s happy because his taxes were lowered and only “some people are hurting” out there. He must not know any of them personally. The fact is many people are hurting because of the budget mess and more revenue is part of the answer. Last time I checked, services are not free and costs increase annually. Maybe the Illinois Policy Institute can bring itself to respect the dignity and needs of our fellow citizens as much as it shows for the governor.

Martin Furlan, Jefferson Park

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