When you are a member of the minority party in Congress, it’s tough to get things done. You often are relegated to using the bully pulpit, looking to change minds.

In the 2nd Congressional District, our endorsement in the Democratic primary goes to incumbent Robin Kelly, who has made good use of her bully pulpit. For 26 hours straight in June 2016, she was a ringleader behind a sit-in by House Democrats to pressure Republicans for votes on gun control measures. The sit-in failed, but the effort drew tremendous attention, and not a little sympathy, to the fight for more sensible gun laws.

Kelly’s passion on the issue is deep. She first was elected to Congress on a strong anti-gun platform in 2013, and once was moved to tears while discussing the issue. She also sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee — a plum assignment — and takes the lead on health policy issues for the Congressional Black Caucus.

Kelly is opposed by Marcus Lewis, a minister and former mail carrier who lost to Kelly, 74 percent to 16 percent, in the 2016 Democratic primary.

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