In the corporate world, when the CEO of the company you work for calls you into his or her office and says something like, “I wish you would do this,” or, “I’d like it if you would do that,” most people would take those, or similar, expressions as an order. Further, they would realize that if they didn’t do this or that, they probably would be out of a job.

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Donald Trump is from the corporate world. When he called then FBI chief James Comey into his office to talk about the Russian interference, there should be no doubt that — no matter how he phrased it — he thought he was giving Comey an order. The firing of Comey supports this conclusion. He didn’t follow Trump’s order.

I believe it is quite reasonable to believe that Trump tried to interfere with the FBI’s investigation and that he should be tried, or impeached, for that crime.

Edward Levy, Homewood

Enough is enough

After reading Mary Mitchell’s recent column in the Sun-Times, it occurred to me that Chicago has an elephant in the room and the silence is deafening.

Mitchell is reporting about the 12 year old who opened fire on police officers and says the parents should be held responsible. Right on, Mary. Absolutely.

We have at least two prominent Chicagoans running for governor, but I have yet to hear either mention this horrible epidemic of violence. Where citizens are afraid to leave their house less they become victims.

Is it asking too much of leadership to try to find some sort of solution without the usual excuses? At some point someone has to step up with solutions and finally maybe enough will be enough in Chicago. It’s time. We at least deserve to hear the voice of those who are and want to become our future leaders. Those folks need your help.

Bob Angone, Retired CPD Lieutenant, Miramar Beach, Florida

No empathy for animal wellbeing

In February the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) brazenly removed all inspection reports and records regarding animal research, puppy mill neglect and cruelty in slaughterhouses, aquariums and animal transport from its website. This prevents animal welfare organizations from monitoring the mistreatment and neglect of countless animals. The current GOP controlled government has a dreadful disrespect for the wellbeing of animals, in addition to lacking empathy for the poorest and most needy members of human society.

Brien Comerford, Glenview