It is very important to our Prevaricator-in-Chief to try to escape legitimate heat for his clear collusion with a foreign power. He does this by trying to cast aspersions on other leaders.

Germany made a pipeline deal with Russia. Wow! A pipeline deal as opposed to rigging an election and following the dictates of Russia’s dictator. Demonization through lies and hyperbole is Trump’s forte.

The bigger the tantrum on the part of our child president, the more it reveals the deep fear he has of being exposed for his more egregious and treasonous collusion with Russia.

Edward Juillard, Morgan Park

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Biggest joke

The biggest joke in the July 8 Sun-Times was not in the comics section but in Gene Lyons’ opinion when he said, “The conservative in me.”

Calling abortion a “straight-up Fourth Amendment privacy issue” is as liberal as you can get. His feeble attempt to equate being pro-abortion with being pro-liberty does not recognize that liberty does not give a person the right to kill an innocent human being.

Donald Nauyokas, Brighton Park

No soul

While I agree with the premise of your editorial on the GOP selling its soul [“GOP made a pact at the crossroad — the Supreme Court for their soul,” Tuesday], you miss one major point. They haven’t had a soul in some time.

Mark Weiher, Oswego