A Sun-Times reader, in an April 17 letter, made an impassioned plea for the right to get an abortion, but she is missing the point of the current debate.  The question of the day is whether the federal or state governments should pay for it.

A lot of people in our country do not want their tax dollars subsidizing an organization, Planned Parenthood, that is a major abortion provider. To say that the money is used for other things is nonsense, because it only frees up money for this thing.

This woman has the right to do what she wants with her body, but she doesn’t have right to expect other people to pay toward it.

Larry Craig, Wilmette

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GOP hypocrisy on spending

I almost choked on my cup of tea when I read Rep. Davis, R-IL, comment regarding Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Davis says Jackson should not be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits because the former congressman was convicted of stealing campaign funds. “Members of Congress,” Davis was quoted saying, “need to be good stewards of taxpayer money.”

So says Davis. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump squanders millions and millions of taxpayer dollars on his weekly golfing vacations, millions more on security for Trump Tower and on his useless adult children. How hypocritical of the Republicans — as usual.

Ann Gutierrez, Tinley Park

High school is supposed to be a challenge

Students at Naperville North High School have circulated a petition asking the school to ease their heavy workload. They say that heavy stress is blocking their path to happiness and personal fulfillment. This immediately brings to mind two questions:

1) Where is it written that high schools are designed to make their students happy? It has always been my assumption that their main purpose is to educate the pupils and to prepare the best qualified for advanced placement.

2) Do these same students think things will get any easier at the college level or in the workplace? My personal experience is that the answer is a resounding no. If anything, it will get even more difficult. Hey, welcome to adulthood.

Bob Ory, Elgin