Our impatient president is ready to abandon Puerto Rico.

The U.S. territory is nowhere near a full recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. That will take months, even years. But, hey, that’s on them, right?

That’s what President Donald Trump suggested via Twitter on Thursday.

The federal government assisted Louisiana for years in its recovery from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Trump has vowed, also by Twitter, that the federal government would stand with the devastated victims of the recent hurricane in Texas “forever.”

Funny how Texas is a red state, full of Trump supporters, while Puerto Rico is a blue territory.

But the victims are all Americans.


“ ‘Puerto Rico survived the Hurricanes, now a financial crisis looms largely of their own making.’ says Sharyl Attkisson,” Trump tweeted. Attkisson is a TV program host for the right-leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group.

“A total lack of accountability say the Governor,” Trump continued. “Electric and all infrastructure was disaster before hurricanes. Congress to decide how much to spend. We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever!”

The hurricane struck less than four weeks ago, knocked out power to the entire island and left it in shambles. Forty-five people have died, and the death toll will continue to rise as sick people struggle with reduced medical care and others suffer infections from contaminated water. To date, less than 20 percent of the island has power. Only 392 miles of the island’s 5,000 miles of roads are open.

Once again, we are seeing an ugly side of the president. Just a week ago, in a visit to Puerto Rico, Trump did little more than pat himself on the back for doing his job and sending help to the island, albeit belatedly.

Trump gets up in the morning and looks for somebody to kick around.

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