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ENDORSEMENT: Jeffrey A. Leef for Congress in 7th District Republican Primary

Jeffrey A. Leef, U.S. House 7th district Republican primary candidate. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

If you get a chance, please read Jeffrey A. Leef‘s entertaining responses to our Sun-Times questionnaire. He must have been in a crabby mood. He complains a lot about our “left-wing agitprop” and the like.

But Leef has something to say, even if he’s not sure we do, when not regurgitating right-wing talking points. He whacks us, but he whacks the National Rifle Association, too. Better yet, we’ve sat and talked with Leef a couple of times now and enjoyed respectful exchanges.

Leef, an interventional radiologist, gets our endorsement, though we wish Republican voters in the district had a better choice. The Sun-Times was unable to schedule a telephone interview with Leef’s sole opponent, Chicagoan Craig Cameron. However, Cameron completed a questionnaire. (This information has been updated to correct an error).