I regularly read Rick Morrissey’s sports column but don’t always find myself agreeing with him. His Sunday column on public perception of popular athletes, though, deserves acknowledgement for exceptional writing and astute observations (“We don’t know Addison Russell — or any other pro athlete”). Morrissey admits that — after 35 years of writing about professional athletes — he’s “not sure I have any idea of what’s real and what isn’t.” But his caveat to sports fans — about being too enamored of popular athletes — is a point well made: “Worship them at your own risk.”

Christine Craven, Evergreen Park

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Millionaire politicians turn backs on CPS

The state has gone three years without a budget. Chicago Public Schools, as well as others, can’t pay what they lack without budgets. How about millionaire politicians helping them out? Or, does Chance the Rapper have to do it all?

Dan Gajda, Logan Square

Cubs ensure W flag stays pristine this season

I am glad I bought a Chicago Cubs “W” flag this year. With the way the Cubs have been playing, I won’t be flying it much and therefore it should last a long time.

Daniel M. Filipek, Mount Prospect

Parenting is the key to well-behaved kids

The headline on Mary Mitchell’s column in the Sunday Sun-Times could probably have been asked in regard to half or more of the shootings in Chicago over the past several years. “Where were his parents?” should not be “an underlying issue that most of us have a difficult time talking about,” as Mitchell implied.

What’s surprising is that the question should come up as some sort of a new approach to the problem of keeping kids away from guns and crime in general.  Showing love for a child, teaching self-respect and establishing high moral standards to live by should be what parenting is all about.

Jeffrey L. Stern, Highland Park