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Friday letters: Non-billionaires hurt by state’s failure

Gov. Bruce Rauner | Sun-Times file photo

It must be mentioned at every gathering of decent folk seeking the most basic services from the State of Illinois that Gov. Bruce Rauner has defunded, delayed and denied to achieve his billionaire business agenda. His refusal to implement a state budget for two years is an assault on all the people of Illinois who cannot insulate themselves from the harm with obscene wealth.

While Rauner has shelled out $123 million to buy Illinois, a working single mom can’t always come up with even $123 to pay for the child care services cut by Rauner. A student who lost state college aid can’t necessarily come up with $123 to help pay tuition. An ex-con trying to turn his life around can’t necessarily come up with $123 for rehabilitation services cut by the state.

Walt Zlotow, Glen Ellyn

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End of a violent Chicago year

Chicago has been through a tough year. Let’s hope the last weekend of 2016 ends without more violence. We cannot take more bloodshed, murders and shootings.

Common sense says that the relationship between the people of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department will improve when there is mutual respect. Because of the record number of homicides, there is distrust in our community. Because of the police shootings of black men who were not armed, there is discontent. There are police officers on the job who should have been fired long ago.

M.L.Chin, Lincoln Park

 Honolulu intolerance

Let me see if I understand this warped leftist logic. A café owner in Honolulu hangs a sign on his door that says Donald Trump voters are not welcomed (“If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis.”). But if I, as a Christian conservative, ran a restaurant and let it be known that I would not serve gay couples, I would be prosecuted and fined. So much for tolerance, folks.

Allen V. Klay, Wheaton