The Congressional Budget Office has stated that 24 million Americans could lose their health care if the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare or Ryancare) is passed.

I do not believe that Trumpcare is designed to pass. The Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) will be dismantled in another fashion, slowly and out of the spotlight.

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The first move toward dismantling Obamacare was President Donald Trump’s first executive order. This executive order stopped all advertising and outreach for the program. His executive order shut off all notices that are made to the public. No commercials informing the public of deadlines. No follow-up emails to individuals who had not fully completed their enrollment. The end result being that if you don’t communicate the information, no one will know to sign up. Less people in the pool, the more likely Obamacare will fail.

Lately, President Trump has insinuated that he would not enforce the individual mandate. That is his next step to dismantle Obamacare. Individuals that do not have health care, but are required to by law, will not have to pay the penalty. This sends a clear message that you aren’t required to get insurance anymore. The end result being that if people are not paying the individual mandate, there is less money in the pool. Less money in the pool, the more likely Obamacare will fail.

Be aware of these subtle moves. The Republicans will slowly insert ways to dismantle Obamacare until it fails and then look to the public and say, “We told you it would collapse under it’s own weight.” All the while, they still haven’t come up with a legitimate replacement. Obamacare is not perfect. Take measures to build upon the law, not tear it down to the ground. Obamacare is not only health insurance but it is also a bankruptcy insurance.

Amy Hussain, Bartlett

True agenda

Among the numerous programs slated for complete elimination in Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget is the Meals On Wheels Program for poor, elderly Americans.

Finally, a Republican willing to show his party’s true agenda: Literally taking food out of the mouths of society’s most vulnerable members in order to fund tax cuts for society’s most fortunate members.

Daniel Welch, Glen Ellyn

Same strategy

The article “The Unpopular Vote” (March 16) failed to point out that Gov. Rauner spent $60 million blaming Gov. Quinn for all of Illinois’ problems.

Now, he’s trying the same strategy with Speaker Michael Madigan.

Who knew that ‘Running Illinois Like A Business’ involved not having a budget and not paying the state’s bills?

David Berkey, Elgin