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LETTERS: Giving up Jackson Park for Obama Center a rotten deal

A model of the Obama Presidential Center. | Photo of rendering by Tina Sfondeles/Sun-Times

The worst of the Obama Foundation/University of Chicago plan was the ploy implying that if the Jackson Park location wasn’t accepted, the Obama Presidential Center would go to Columbia University.

Incredibly, this lie was bought by many South Side residents, who seemed to be desperate for the center.

Government has usurped a beautiful area instead of attempting to develop an area in need of upgrade.

Kathie Newhouse, Hyde Park

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Bill Clinton’s misconduct

I will make a deal with S.E. Cupp (“Liberals must face facts of what Clintons did to sex-assault accusers“). I will gladly apologize for supporting Bill Clinton through his sexual harassment scandals if she apologizes to the families of the dead soldiers and civilians caused by the scandals of George W. Bush. Deal?

Don Anderson, Oak Park

More bipartisanship, please

Kudos to Democrat State Representative, Sam Yingling and Republican Sheriff Mark Curran, for teaming up to host a town hall meeting on November 28, 2017, from 6-7 p.m. at the Woodland Elementary West in Gages Lake, Illinois.

At a time when politics seems so polarizing and toxic, Sam and Mark serve as a reminder that there is truly more that unites us than divides us. We all want safe communities, good schools, quality health care and so much more! Their joint town hall meeting will provide us with updates about state and local issues that affect our region. We need more working together and less political bickering at all levels of government! Once again, thank you Rep. Yingling and Sheriff Curran for working together to make our lives better.

Blenn T. Bell, Ingleside