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Letters: California should study how Israel uses water

It’s time for California to get real with this drought and global warming. Some things need to go, like rice paddies, cotton, alfalfa, and corn production, green lawns and swimming pools in the desert.

People come first. Take a cue from the Israelis on how to survive in the desert and grow things. Water needs more market-oriented pricing. Subsidizing water production and consumption will only lead to more waste. Waste water needs to be recycled and reused. A good application would be golf courses, parks, sanitation or industrial uses.

Thomas Cechner, Lockport

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Motto change

I understand the Indiana state Legislature is changing its state motto to “outward and downward.”

Pat O’Brien, Oak Lawn

Where’s the help?

I received a flier in the mail that states, “When seniors suffer a tragic loss, Rahm Emanuel, Michael Madigan and Marty Quinn are working to help.”

I guess taking away the health care benefits of Chicago’s retirees isn’t tragic. Some of us will have to get $300 to $400 out of our fixed income budget.

Kathleen M. Marszewski, Clearing