I appreciated Tuesday’s opinion piece by Rachel Leven of the Better Government Association. She noted the poor reputation the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District has with respect to patronage and corruption. She pointed out how a fired MWRD police officer talked about drinking and sleeping on the job and about the political connections you need to get the job.

Leven also referenced a legal dispute the MWRD has had, to the tune of $44 million in wasted taxpayer dollars, over who has a right to use a 200-foot dead-end alley.

One possible solution to such problems, Leven writes, would be for the MWRD to establish an independent inspector general’s office. This is identical to the proposal I made when I ran for the position of commissioner of MWRD as a Green Party candidate in 2014 and 2016.  The MWRD is the second largest landowner in Cook County, yet, in disregard to state law, it leases out unneeded property at questionable rates in long-term contracts.  The problems of the MWRD are endemic and will continue until the connections between the district and corporate powers are broken.

George Milkowski, West Ridge

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Go after real criminals

President Trump and the Republicans want to make  America great again, getting tough on criminals. Or so they say. Sorry, but I just don’t see it. I see grandmothers being deported, and I see the GOP going after “Dreamers,” young people who want to make something of themselves and who really do contribute to making America great.

Go after Mexican gangs. As a matter of fact, go after any gang that is known to kill people, deal drugs and cause crime. Citizens or not, they have no right to live here and walk the streets of honest people.  Sorry, until I see people who are actual criminals being deported, I’ll continue to think Trump and Republicans are full of hot air.

Connie Orland, Plainfield

Steve Bannon’s decline

Watching Steve Bannon’s interview on “60 Minutes, ” I realized that the only power Trumps former adviser has now is totally dependent on the column inches and TV minutes provided to him by the “mainstream media,” which he hates.  Without that he will once again, through Breitbart, preach to the choir.

Walter R. Kowalczyk, Jefferson Park