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Letters: Judge bias built in after making a political donation?

If I ever go to trial [like House Speaker Dennis Hastert] I hope I get a judge who has previously given me money.

Sybil Hoffman, Evanston

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Letting the bidding on Chicago’s assets begin
Has Chicago reached the impasse of being forced to sell off city properties to pay of our debt — i.e., McCormick Place, Jardine Water Filtration Plant, Nick Melas Water Cannon, and our public parks?
Wasn’t it our august City Council and past mayor who got us into this plight? Let the auctions begin! It is time, yes. If Chicago families fail financially, they can lose their property. The city should share the same standard. Let the auctions begin. They have sold off or leased interminably other city gems. Now the last of our best assets before our credit rating falls even further. Foreigners would love to own a piece of Chicago; many already do. We can use the cash to restore our dignity and city beauty before we stumble in the footsteps of further financial decline.
Vincent Kamin, Streeterville

Why are Republicans cooperating now?

If the Republican Congress votes to grant President Barack Obama “fast track” authority for the Trans Pacific Partnership legislation, it makes one wonder why Congress picked this issue for their first real cooperation with our president.

Could it be that billionaires will benefit without having to pay taxes while those who inevitably lose their jobs, because of the legislation, will have their retraining paid for by $700 million taken from Medicare?

This is a wet dream for conservative Republicans. Billionaires will make even more money, while continuing to pay little or no taxes, and Medicare, a program hated by Republicans, will pay for the devastation the legislation leaves in its wake.

 Karen Wagner, Rolling Meadows