The story of Bonnie Liltz killing her disabled daughter is not uncommon, (Bonnie Liltz and her disabled daughter—we failed them both, Nov. 27). According to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network website, “In the past five years, over 400 people with disabilities have been murdered by their parents, relatives or caregivers.” The victims of the murders are often portrayed as burdens. The Sun-Times editorial counters that portrayal, writing, “…. to excuse the taking of Courtney’s life as a kind of “mercy killing,” as many of Liltz’s defenders have done, is to suggest that a severely disabled person has a lesser human value.”

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We must all reject the message of better off dead than disabled. We must press our elected officials to expand and improve services that support people with disabilities in homes instead of institutions.

There is no excuse for the crime Bonnie Liltz committed. In the future, fewer people will make the same decision if we create quality options for the disabled, and if we stop finding ways to justify the killing of disabled people.

Horacio Esparza
Executive Director
Progress Center for Independent Living
Board member of Not Dead Yet

Democrats are the truly undemocratic

On Thursday, the Sun-Times editorial board opined that passage of a tax cut by Congress will be “undemocratic,” even though it’s Congress’ job to pass bills, and despite the fact that the Republicans ran on a platform of passing tax cuts to increase employment and wages.

To maintain this view, the writers made the ludicrous claim that passage of the unread Affordable Care Act, in the middle of the night, along party lines, based on false assurances about people keeping their doctors and lowering costs, somehow reflected a better process than that now used by Congress. The Democrats completely ignored Paul Ryan’s input on the health bill, and refuse to cooperate in shaping the tax cut bill.

If the editorial board wants an example of real undemocratic behavior in contemporary politics, it should look to the Democrat “resistance” against the Trump administration. This resistance amounts to a slow motion coup, attempting to nullify the election, first through an appeal to faithless electors, then to the emoluments clause, and, finally, to a Russia conspiracy theory for which, a year after the election, there is still no evidence.

Richard Crane, Lincoln Park

Trump made me a Democrat

I have been a Republican my whole life, but I have been questioning some of the party’s beliefs as they have moved further to the right on many issues. This is a thank you letter to President Trump, who has allowed me to see the true colors of the current Republican Party.

I liked the way the Republican Party fought against Trump during the primaries elections last year, but I am ashamed at the way they have become complete cowards when it comes to standing up to a man who obviously does not have the intellect or emotional stability to be the leader of the free world. You can argue and discuss the issues, but in no way can you condone the actions of a man who is not fit for any public office.

Thank you, Mr. Trump. Because of you, I proudly call myself a Democrat.

Jim Niemiec, Orland Hills