Aside from the absurdity that poor children have to rely on the largess of a rapper rather than the state that should guarantee them an education equal to that of their more wealthy peers, the whole Chance/Gov. Bruce Rauner encounter reveals a truism. Wealthy elite posturing pols should have no role in determining what happens to poor minority children. Rauner was elected by people who could not care less about poor black children and would prefer that they keep their suffering to themselves.

Edward D. Juillard, Morgan Park

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Bad health care plan

So the Republicans, after seven years of criticism, have finally introduced their replacement for Obamacare. And, to no one’s surprise, they constructed a plan to provide less coverage, higher premiums and a huge tax break for the wealthy (who don’t need the money or coverage).

Congratulations to Donald Trump for deceiving supporters, once again, who believed him, when he said he would offer health care for everyone instead of the “Obamacare disaster.” And, to U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., for cobbling together a GOP alternative that hurts the low- and middle-class and rewards the the rich, a typical Republican response to any policy endeavor in Washington.

Tom Minnerick, Elgin

Reactionary opinion

Never has a column infuriated me as much as Gene Lyons’ did regarding pit bulls. His article not only displays an egregious level of discrimination against innocent animals, it is an unfair, reactionary opinion based on one experience. Clearly, he wrote the piece without educating himself. Did he not know that pit bulls were originally bred to guard nurseries? How can dogs entrusted to the safety of children be considered “anti-social and stupid” to have as pets?

Our loving pit bull is also a service dog for my husband — a disabled veteran. My husband relies on our pooch’s empathy and sweet disposition to help him through situations that cause him anxiety. With one tail-wag or kiss, my husband is instantly calmer. But yes, having him around should be illegal, according to Mr. Lyons.

Incidentally, we too, had a bad experience with a pit bull. He ran out of his yard and attacked our previous dog. It just so happened that the dog was a rescue from abuse. Pit bulls are known for their strong jaws as well as their equally strong personalities. That is why they’ve been used for dog fighting. They not only have the strength to inflict maximum damage, they also respond dramatically to unspeakable cruelty.

Pit bulls are the most euthanized breeds; I fear that articles such as this one will only make matters worse.

Diane Bushemi, Irving Park

Just the site

I read recently that an Illinois state legislator wants to name one of our highways in honor of former President Barack Obama. While I have no objection to that idea, I think I have a better one. I believe that Illinois should be the first state to name something after our current president. We should pick something that represents what he said while running for office, what he has said and done since becoming president and what we can expect of him in the future. Fortunately, I think I have just the site.

On the South Side of Chicago there is an area where much, if not all, of the city’s trash is taken every day. It would be fitting, in so many ways, to name this after our president. On a formal basis it could be called “The Donald J. Trump Tower of Trash.” Informally, it would be called the “Trump Dump.”

As a fringe benefit, can you imagine the tweetstorm coming? It boggles the mind!

Edward Levy, Hometown