State Rep. Joe Sosnowski’s letter (Friday) urging Gov. Bruce Rauner to veto a bill expanding coverage for abortion care for women receiving Medicaid makes several problematic arguments. Rep. Sosnowski apparently believes that the fiscal problems of our state all can be laid at the feet of poor women, and that denying them medical care, including abortion care, will improve Illinois’ economic climate. That is demonstrably false.

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Restrictions on coverage for medically necessary care harm women and families who are struggling to make ends meet. From a public health perspective, society is never improved by denying medical coverage. Low-income women are often forced to unnecessarily delay seeking an abortion while they attempt to come up with the money to pay for their care, which increases the cost and potential health risks. Too often, these women must sacrifice essentials for themselves or their family to pay for an abortion out of pocket. This may mean forgoing paying for rent, groceries, and or other care that helps all members of the family stay healthy.

When a woman is living paycheck to paycheck, denying coverage for an abortion can push her deeper into poverty. A woman who seeks an abortion but is denied is more likely to fall into poverty than a woman who is able to access abortion care. Research suggests that one in four women insured through Medicaid are forced to carry a pregnancy to term rather than have an abortion care because the ban on Medicaid coverage makes this medically essential care financially unavailable.

Politicians should not decide what medical services someone can access simply because of the source of her insurance. Bans on insurance coverage for abortion are heavy-handed intrusions into a decision that is best left to a woman and her family. However we feel about a woman’s decision to have an abortion, politicians shouldn’t deny her health coverage because of
how much money she makes. House Bill 40 would take the politics out of medical care and coverage. Gov. Rauner should sign House Bill 40.

Tom Hughes, executive director,
Cathy Ferguson-Allen, president,
Illinois Public Health Association

A lot of courage

Colin Kaepernick showed a lot of courage to kneel down for his beliefs, an action which may have cost him a great deal. How much courage did Trump show when he brought up the issue to solicit applause at a rally in Alabama? Our fake president is an embarrassment to himself and our country. Seeing what the NFL teams and players did Sunday makes me feel proud to be an American. Seeing what Donald Trump does makes me feel ashamed that our voters can be conned so easily.

Martin Nicholson, Niles

Stand for the anthem

All Americans should stand for the national anthem, the very symbol that give them the right to protest. If you disrespect the national anthem then you are saying you are relinquishing your right to protest.

Daniel M. Filipek, Mount Prospect

Follow the rules

If you are a NBA player at a game, but are not suited up, you must wear a suit.

If you are a NASCAR driver, you may not go on camera with a product other than that of your sponsor, or your sponsor may fire you.

Similarly, the NFL can require that players stand and respect our flag during the singing of our national anthem.

When you are a highly paid athlete, you represent your team and league, so your dress and conduct can be regulated. Off the field, you can do and say what you want, but not when you are on it in front of the fans.

In addition, sports stars are heroes and role models to children, so they must live up to it. Alejandro Villanueva of the Pittsburgh Steelers is a first-class hero and role model who has shown that it is more important to do what it right than to do something because others are doing it.

Larry E. Nazimek, Logan Square

Incompetent and dangerous

So, Jared Kushner is using his private email account to communicate with other people in the administration (and maybe the Russians) and I don’t hear Trump or his right-wing supporters screaming “lock him up.” Maybe it’s because Kushner has already been caught lying about his meetings with the Russians and their bankers, which is much worse.

The Trumpsters bought the fake news, the avalanche of lies and the buffoonery. Now, after the Russian hacks and collusion, we get to see how incompetent and dangerous having Trump in the White House really is.

Tom Minnerick, Elgin