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Sunday letters: Show no fear in tearing down Trump sign

Chicago aldermen voted to remove the Trump Plaza Honorary sign on East Illinois and North Wabash. Sun-Times file photo by Santiago Covarrubias.

Ald. Pat O’Connor (40th) must have been born without a spine. Being afraid of blowback from a small and petty lying narcissist (Donald Trump) is exactly how 16 other more qualified candidates lost the Republican primary (“Rahm’s floor leader: Mistake to pick fight with ‘spiteful’ Trump” — Nov. 3). Is this really the kind of alderman the city of Chicago needs? It’s always been my impression that Chicago needs politicians to stand up to bullies, especially when the bully is such a disgrace to mankind. Get rid of the (Honorary Trump Plaza) sign in question. It’s embarrassing that there is even a discussion going on.

John Schow, Near North Side

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The logic behind Trump’s movement

We Americans are not the most logical or rational bunch.  Based on a number of studies and picking fairly conservative numbers from them, did you know that roughly 45 percent of us believe aliens have visited the earth and that the government is hiding about half of them (I’ve yet to meet one but maybe I’m not looking in the right places, like my town’s library or in my neighbor’s garage); 42 percent believe in ghosts; 36 percent in UFOs (and, ironically, 100 percent of them seem incapable of taking even one clear picture of one); 26 percent believe in clairvoyance/psychic ability to predict the future (funny how psychics are supposed to be capable of seeing the future except when it comes to the important things like winning lottery numbers, if the stock market will go up or down, and if a ball on a roulette wheel will land on a red number).

So, it may seem illogical to think a guy like Trump could become president, but then again 25 percent of us think the sun travels around the earth and more of us can identify the Three Stooges than the three branches of government.

Bruce Handler, Skokie

Thank you, Chicago Police

It’s very easy to ridicule and dismiss the Chicago Police Department.  Seldom, if ever, do we honor these officers for what they accomplish behind the scenes. I salute all Chicago Police Officers for working 12-hour days, working their days off, missing anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and their sons’ and daughters’ events. I salute them for their professionalism and dedication to serving and protecting the people of Chicago when they would have much rather been at home watching the Cubs win the World Series. It’s so easy to jump on the band wagon and attack all police officers for the actions of a very few.  We have to learn to appreciate the truly dedicated and honorable officers that are the safety line drawn between us and the those who wish to harm us. Thank you to all Chicago Police Officers.

Larry Casey, Forest Glen

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