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Letters to Editor: Make Police Dept. more transparent

Andy Shaw is correct in Monday’s article in which he argues in favor of more transparency in the Police Department.


I think that transparency would reduce police shootings of suspects, mistreatment of prisoners, false confessions and financial wrongdoing.  Almost every week we see police accused of some form of misconduct or overreaction. Instead of hiding the details, the police should allow the facts to determine whether or not they are correct. Secrecy only serves to aggravate the situation and makes the public more suspicious.

Tom Minnerick, Elgin

A mark on history

President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, despite their recent differences, are in a unique position to make their mark on history, one that will not be a stain.

The increasing rift in their relationship has been causing problematic political ripples around the world.

Regardless of one’s position concerning U.S.-Israeli-Arab relationships, there is an urgent need for these two disagreeing leaders to learn to create ways of working together in ensemble. The future and safety of our world make that paramount.

While the details of the politics are important, that importance will always be trumped by the world’s need for these men to discover how to function in an exemplary way to protect and benefit us all. We can only hope that they have what it takes to make that requirement a reality. Everything is at stake, and there is no time to waste.

This is their chance to help save our planet.

Leon J. Hoffman, Lake View

More progressive

Even though the Catholic Church is a conservative institution, Pope Francis is more environmentally progressive than the current United States Congress. He is deeply concerned about global warming, deforestation, endangered land and marine wildlife species and severe water shortages. Many members of Congress ignore these ecological crises and even have plans to exacerbate them.
Brien Comerford, Glenview