Kudos to Mary Mitchell for her column in the Sunday paper pointing out the crocodile tears of the Trump administration regarding DACA’s effect on African-American unemployment. She rightly advised our community to ignore the obvious obfuscation attempt.

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I am, however, starting to get worried about the health of the Sun-Times staff. Our Dear Leader’s hypocrisy flows so freely and has to be denounced so often, I am worried there might be an outbreak of carpal tunnel syndrome in the newsroom.

Don Anderson, Oak Park

Amusing ads

I am amused by the pro-soft drink tax ads being run to support this program. Like so many other residents, I strongly oppose its imposition for the following reasons:

How will paying 67 cents on a 2-liter bottle make the children any healthier if they continue to drink soda?

If we are taxed $1.34 per bottle, will the children be twice as healthy?

Why is it imposed on diet soda?

If sugar is bad, shouldn’t we concentrate on candy, ice cream and cookies, too, or eliminate all sugar products from being sold?

But the tax has personally made me healthier. I now run over to Will County for my shopping.

Bob Paszczyk, Tinley Park

Tiring display

In addition to holding various concerts at Wrigley Field during the summer, the Cubs persuaded the city to allow a previously unscheduled night game last Friday so that the players could get their adequate rest. We can hope that they didn’t get tired all over again watching the Brewers run around the bases all weekend.

Jim Bruton, Irving Park

Bad idea

Why, other than another excuse to tax the public, would any state legislators even consider legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana? Do we really want to OK any drug use by our young people? While I am all for medicinal use of it to alleviate the suffering of sick people, I cannot fathom why any sensible person would want to make it easier for people to get high. Hasn’t alcohol abuse been enough for hospitals, police, rehab facilities and families to deal with, without adding another detrimental “crutch” that I believe is just a gateway drug. Please stop the nonsense. Don’t let getting re-elected and/or taxes be your criteria for passing a law.

Janet Lumm, Schaumburg

Automatic citizenship

As the DACA issue is being resolved by the Congress, one thing should be perfectly clear. Anyone who has served in the military and has received an honorable discharge, automatically becomes a U.S. citizen. No further action required.

Daniel M. Filipek, Mount Prospect

Clear path

The path to affordable health care is becoming clearer. We should first lower the eligibility for Medicare to age 55, which would shrink the pool of those needing private health insurance to those who are healthiest. Second, after a period of transition, we should enact Medicare for all. We are alone in the developed world in relying mostly on for-profit corporations for health insurance.

Mary F. Warren, Wheaton