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Letters: Voters, not protesters, must decide fate of elected officials

The protesters who shut down traffic and blocked store entrances on Michigan Avenue, thereby reducing sales and the taxes that help support the public services they may need, are apparently not satisfied with the resignation of the Chicago police superintendent. They want elected officials to step down as well.

While the police superintendent serves at the will of the mayor, the mayor and Cook County state’s attorney are chosen by voters who elected them and number many more than just the protesters. It’s unlikely a majority would support the expense of a recall, especially since one of those officials faces another election early next year.

Short of an indictment for wrongdoing, it’s the voters who should decide.

J.L. Stern, Highland Park

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Politicians keep failing on gun laws

I have seen photos of some of those killed in the San Bernardino mass shooting. I am overwhelmed with sadness seeing those faces and taking in how their lives were abruptly cut short. Why do our elected politicians fail again and again to enact sensible regulations that would not solve but perhaps help reduce the out-of-control gun violence in our country?

Mary F. Warren, Wheaton

The bottom line for protesters

I agree with the John Culloton’s recent letter regarding the lack of demonstrations and outrage over the constant carnage on the streets of Chicago — it shouldn’t be just about an especially heinous incident. 

I disagree with his comment, however, about demonstrators blocking stores on Black Friday just exacerbating the problem. When those who hold the levers of power don’t listen, those who want to be heard sometimes need to hit those powers in the pocketbook. When businesses complain about loss of customers, it gets the ear of the mayor and aldermen. From the reports I read, it seems the restraint of both those protesting and the police was commendable.

Allan Olson, St. Charles

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