“Trump isn’t the problem; the problem is, people support him” is a simple headline that identifies the actual elephant in the room amidst the chaos of the Trump presidency.

Headlines scream so constantly about the audacious, nepotistic, cruel and possibly illegal antics of the Trump administration that we don’t see the forest for the trees — the forest being the fact that 40 percent of the country supports this man, even to their own detriment.

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The question is what drives this baseless adoration? Facts, fairness and competence don’t count, so what is superseding our formerly American values? Is it hatred of immigrants, sticking it to the educated “elites,” religious fervor? And, why is his party supporting him so unequivocally?

Trump’s base of support is what gives him — and the GOP — the power to kill the planet at a faster pace, cut health care for millions of people, turn education into a for profit business, cut regulations that safeguard our health and welfare, trash science, etc.

We have to talk with each other, identify and speak to the sources of alienation or I fear that our democracy will be badly compromised.

Carol Kraines, Deerfield

More power to those producing energy

Thank you for your editorial, “Illinois should seize chance to take lead in solar energy.” Solar is clearly the energy of the future. It’s cheap, clean and produces good jobs. States that are discouraging its use are just trying to prop up the fossil fuels that are polluting our environment, and in the end they will lose. People should be encouraged to put solar panels on their roofs. If they produce more energy than they use and want to sell it back to the grid, more power to them — no pun intended.

Cynthia Linton, Streeterville

Aviation officer supervisors must accept accountability

Ald. Roderick Sawyer, in my opinion, has a valid stance arguing against the disciplinary action recommended for the Aviation security officers involving in United Airlines flight 3411. Certainly the world looked on in horror as a bloodied Dr. David Dao was dragged from the aircraft. Not a pretty sight indeed, but Sawyer after interviewing the involved officers makes a very valid defense that should be taken into account.

The officers, he says, were never told by supervision what the reason was for Dao’s removal from the aircraft — just that an unruly passenger needed to be removed. Given the heightened tension at the country’s airports during these times, the officers performed what they thought was their duty.

Are the officers being disciplined or possibly scapegoated? Once again, are supervisors and other ranking authorities skating away and not being held responsible for the actions of their subordinates?

Supervisors must accept accountability for the actions of officers under their command. Supervision is a function of command, and to punish the three officers after the fact is sending the wrong message that says accountability does not apply to supervisors. Sawyer was right to bring this matter to the attention of the public.

Bob Angone, Miramar Beach, Florida