I am a school administrator. I generally write about educational issues that impact the academic performance of students.

With the possibility of marijuana being legalized in Chicago, or perhaps Illinois, in the foreseeable future, a conversation needs to be had about the impact it could have on schools in myriad areas. We don’t want to sacrifice the health, welfare and safety of our students for more revenue.

Jerald McNair, Homewood

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Finally, the truth

The end of Rahm Emanuel’s reign as our mayor finally is drawing to a close and we finally get the truth from him about the drastic ways which are needed to help improve the city’s finances.

Rahm’s ideas of legalizing pot, a city-owned casino, and a 20- to 30-cent tax on every gallon of gasoline weren’t brought up when he was on his last re-election bid. And, for a good reason as all of those ideas most likely wouldn’t have given him four more years as mayor.

Where was the push by Rahm for these ideas eight years ago?

But, now that he’s on his way out? What does he care how his ideas will affect all of us real Chicagoans?

Walter Brzeski, Dunning

Change in plans for border wall

President Donald Trump promised that he would get Mexico to pay for his border wall, but now he promises to shut down the government if the American taxpayers do not pay for it. I wonder how many people would have supported a border wall if they knew that Americans would be footing the bill or shutting down the government to force us to pay for a wall.

William H. Davis, Matteson

No new taxes

My family lives in the south suburbs of Chicago and saw the news about Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s idea to tax the already taxed-to-death citizens of Chicago and the suburbs surrounding Chicago. I find this very disturbing as we pay so many taxes already.

We pay $11,000 a year in taxes, $350 every 3 months for the water bill, gas bill, electric bill, phone bill, etc. etc. etc. etc. Also, we pay for our Illinois license plates, city sticker and tolls. Don’t get me started on the lottery money (where does that go?).

We cannot afford any more taxes. I think that this idea the Chicago’s mayor came up with is insane. He is stating that some of the south suburban mayors are going along with him. To top it off, he is going to legalize marijuana and build a casino. That will be devastating to Chicago. Don’t they have enough trouble to deal with?

Victoria Falsey, Tinley Park