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ENDORSEMENT: Mary Edly-Allen for Illinois House in the 51st District

Mary Edly-Allen Democrat endorsed Illinois House 51st district 2018 general election

Democrat Mary Edly-Allen is endorsed for the Illinois House in the 51st District.

Sometimes it’s not whom you vote for, but whom you vote against.

We endorse Democrat Mary Edly-Allen, a bilingual elementary school teacher from Libertyville. She has a long record of civic involvement and could do well.

More to the point, though, this is a chance for voters in the 51st District — Democrats and Republicans alike — to take a stand against the kind of ugly conspiracy-laden nonsense that’s tearing our country apart. Republican candidate Helene Miller Walsh scrubbed her Facebook page clean after being appointed to this seat in August, but there’s no forgetting the garbage she was posting.

Above an unverified story that Muslim immigrants tried to rape a British tourist, she wrote: “This is Islam.”

Under another story about a candidate — who happened to be a Muslim — running for attorney general in Minnesota, she wrote: “This is scary stuff. Muslims know that if they control the laws then they will forever restrict OUR Judea-Christian [sic] freedoms and encumber the masses.”

And there was more.

Edly-Allen supports a graduated income tax provided it doesn’t burden middle-class families and would restore funding to state universities and community colleges. She favors re-amortizing the state’s pension debt and would vote to legalize recreational marijuana, as long as best practices are used to regulate it.

Edly-Allen knows she needs the support of Republican voters in this district, where no Democrat has even bothered to run in recent elections. Walsh’s extremism should make that job easier.

The 51st Illinois House district.



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