Cook County States Attorney Kimberly Foxx has announced that certain “financial” traffic violations will not be prosecuted. These are traffic offenses for which people were tried and convicted, and then ordered to pay a fine in lieu of jail time.

Now Foxx has declared that these fines can be ignored and no punitive actions will be taken by the states attorney’s office. She calls this social justice. It is actually societal injustice when you allow a selected segment of society to ignore punishment they have called upon themselves for their disobedience of laws. This slippery slope is the beginning of the erosion of a lawful society.

Larry Casey, Forest Glen

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Rivera criticizes leaks, forgets past

Geraldo Rivera appeared on Fox and Friends and discussed deplorable leaks in government. It seems that Rivera forgot that when he was an embedded journalist covering the first Gulf War, he lost his credentials and was sent home because he drew a map of a forthcoming offensive action in the sand. His drawing, shown on television, was in contradiction to the rules established by the military for embedded journalists and accepted by most.

John Culloton, Norwood Park