At no time during James Comey’s testimony did he suggest that our self-absorbed president ever inquired about the status of Russian hacking and if it was an ongoing process? Not once.

He did say, however, that President Trump repeatedly asked about his own status in the investigation. Isn’t that typical Trump? He comes first and everything else is of secondary importance ­— even the security of a country that he was elected to protect.

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Though little came out of the Comey session that we didn’t already know or suspect, it did reinforce our rationale for holding this leader in such low regard.

If the former FBI director is to be believed, Mr. Trump is not only incapable of telling the truth, but he is not to be trusted with a handshake or even an invitation to dinner.

The man is not above contempt, and as president of the United States he is way below the standard that is usually set for the office.

Bob Ory, Elgin 

Media relies too heavily on Russia probe

James Comey disclosed that President Trump was not a target of the Russia probe. Far from obstructing Comey’s investigation, Trump encouraged him to ferret out any campaign staff that interacted inappropriately with Russians.

It was Loretta Lynch who gave Comey an inappropriate order — to follow Democrat talking points in referring to the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton, not as such, but nebulously, as a “matter.” One wonders what she spoke about with a potential target of the investigation, while meeting secretly on the tarmac.

Not since the Army-McCarthy hearings has a single media appearance done so much to dispel a mass hysteria about Russians hiding under our beds. What will they talk about now? Will they ignore reality and continue?

Richard A. Crane, Lincoln Park

Washington’s unreality TV show

Do we have to endure four years of Trumpian phenomenon? With its amateur political faux pas, luxurious living, flawless wardrobes and tweets — have we entered an era of a show biz administration? When does reality set in? Brands, copyrights and trademarks seem to be the priority of the family enterprise over coherent government policies. With wardrobe over substance, glamor over wrinkles — have we slipped into an era of “royalty” over democracy, leaks over facts and the unending reality that maybe this is another extension of an unreality TV show?

Vincent Kamin, Loop