Donald Trump arrived in Poland Thursday with an opportunity to speak of freedom to an entire world. Instead he chose to remind everyone that, to his thinking, a partisan press was out for his scalp — including NBC, which remains unappreciative of his huge success (“The Apprentice”) on its network.

Can you imagine John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan mouthing such gibberish? As leader of not only the United States but of the entire free world, shouldn’t we expect more than his typical self-aggrandizement?

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The president’s targeting of journalists and his undermining of national security agencies is red meat for our nation’s adversaries; a list, by the way, that is growing larger and angrier the longer that Trump is in office.

If Franklin D. Roosevelt were alive today, he quite possibly would say, “We have more to fear than fear itself — we have Donald J. Trump!”

Bob Ory, Elgin

How is Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA?

Thank you for the very compelling and conscientious editorial regarding Scott Pruitt, the ruinous leader of the Environmental Protection Agency. He is very hostile to ecological, oceanic, wildlife and endangered species preservation. Pruitt is not even a fervent supporter of clean air and clean water. It’s infuriating that President Donald Trump has chosen and embraced a person to lead a conservation organization that the leader wants to decimate and ultimately destroy.

Brien Comerford, Glenview