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Police pensions not to blame for property-tax increase

Mayor Rahm Emanuel pushed a historic property-tax increase through the Chicago City Council. | File photo

Property taxes are raised once again, primarily affecting Chicago’s middle class workers (“Chicago homeowners can expect 10 percent hike in property-tax bills” — June 13). This is the Democratic method of advancing their progressive policies: Tax the middle class while simultaneously pretending to protect the middle class. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his administration continue to blame these tax increases on pensions — the police pension in particular. Chicago police officers invested roughly 10 percent of their paychecks into their pensions every month. The city of Chicago continued to raid the pension fund and misappropriate and misspend that money. Quit blaming the police pension fund for the shabby business practices of the Democratic-controlled city and state.

Larry Casey, Forest Glen

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Smoke implies fire in Russia investigation

Now that the former head of the FBI and the president of the United States are on record calling each other liars — a first to be sure — Trump’s team is exulting over the fact that James Comey told Trump three times he was not being investigated over the Russian connections involving many White House operatives, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions. But that was then.

The investigation remains ongoing. Smoke implies fire somewhere. Thus, like George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” claim, Trump’s celebration may be embarrassingly premature. Both earlier presidential investigations, Watergate and Whitewater, took many months to bear fruit — or not.

Better to abide by the adage: “The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.” Time to exhale and await the outcome before declaring a victory.

Ted Z. Manuel, Hyde Park