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Republican and Russian ‘antics’ got us to this point


President Donald Trump speaks during a "Make America Great Again" rally in Billings, Montana on Sept. 6. | Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

In Linda Chavez’s piece, “Trump is awful, but I see no shortcut to letting the voters decide in 2020” (Friday) she tries to have it both ways.

She agrees that Trump has caused a mutiny among his own troops, who are terrified at his behavior, and feel like dealing with him is like walking through a minefield.

Yet, she does not feel that he has committed an impeachable offense and waiting two years for another election is appropriate.

The difference between Trump and Captains Queeg and Bligh is that they were respective captains of their one ship. Trump is captain of an entire nation, and has unlimited authority over our military including our nuclear weapons (i.e. Trump could destroy the world).

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She claims that Trump is the legitimate president — a man who lost the popular vote and narrowly won the election with alleged help from a foreign power. And she supports his policies (i.e. a robust economy) — not giving credit to Obama who brought us back from a GOP recession.

Is she also approving of separating immigrant children from parents, trade wars with allies, and praise of white supremacists?

And she is “aghast” at the Democrats’ antics regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. What about McConnell’s “antics” in not calling a vote on Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland?

Woodward’s book “scares” her, but like the rest of the GOP, she is willing to keep Trump in office in order to maintain the Republican agenda and hope that he won’t kill our democracy or start a nuclear war before he can be replaced in 2020.

The priorities are hypocritical at best and terrifying at worst.

Carol Kraines, Deerfield

Another low for Trump administration

Look no further for the clearest example of the criminality and lawlessness of the Trump administration than its plan to sanction the world court investigating war crimes committed in Afghanistan and against Palestinians. The world looks on in shock and disgust as the U.S. government self-immunizes itself from rightful condemnation. There is no depth low enough that this administration and it’s representative John Bolton will not stoop.

Edward David Juillard, Morgan Park

Trump rules FoxWorld

I really miss having political discussions with friends, family and just anyone I may meet that wants to talk politics. Mr. Trump has ruined it for me because he has created a group of people that live in an alternative universe that I like to call FoxWorld.

In FoxWorld there is no room for any alternative views.

There is no room for listening and there is certainly no room for the truth or what we like to call in the real universe, facts. When you do start expressing your views you are immediately taken to FoxWorld, where Mr. Trump has never lied. Where a conservative congressman has never made a racist remark, and where Presidents Clinton and Obama never did one thing good for the country.

I guess FoxWorld has always existed but until now they have never had a true leader.

Hopefully, the process of finding that black hole in the universe will begin in November and continue until November 2020, when FoxWorld will be sucked back into that black hole and never enter the real universe again.

Jim Niemiec, Orland Hills