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Scott Pruitt’s moves at the EPA are a mom’s worst nightmare

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt speaks with auto industry leaders following a news conference at the EPA in Washington, April 3 on his decision to scrap Obama administration fuel standards. | Andrew Harnik /AP

Not a day goes by without coverage of Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt and the ethics scandals he’s involved in. If anything, these escalating scandals fit into a larger pattern of gross negligence that undermines our nation’s most precious resource — our people. But while investigations into his alleged mistakes and misdeeds are underway, it’s critical that we not lose sight of the very real reason Scott Pruitt is keeping parents like me awake at night.

Pruitt is wreaking havoc on the rules that protect our children’s health and safety. The long-term consequences of Pruitt’s numerous health rollbacks and how they impact our children life-long are the greatest injustice of all.

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That fact is not lost on the more than a million moms — and dads — who form Moms Clean Air Force, an organization to which I proudly belong. By suspending rules that protect our air, water and climate, Pruitt has identified himself as someone whose deregulatory agenda is in opposition to the hopes of every parent who wants their kids to reach adulthood and beyond in good health.

Now is the time for all parents to speak up because there’s no time to lose in protecting our children from the major health threats of pollution and climate change.

Kelly E. Nichols, Highland Park

Pruitt has turned the EPA into the Environmental Pollution Agency

Most of the media and political controversy about EPA chief Scott Pruitt has dealt with his monetary and ethical abuses. But people who care about the environment know that’s not the main thing wrong with this guy’s operation and the backing it gets from President Donald Trump.

Pruitt boasts about his “transformative” policies. For the benefit of those businesses that care more about profit than public health, his policies include canceling regulations and cutting funds that would keep air and water clean and safe.

Transformative? Of course. Pruitt and Trump have transformed the EPA into the Environmental Pollution Agency.

Ed Stone, Northbrook

U of C officer’s reaction justified 

The guy who was damaging people’s cars and other property was lucky he didn’t get shot by some of the people who own it. They have a right to protect their property and homes.

And to the critics, until you put yourself in the University of Chicago policeman’s shoes, you’ll never know what action you would have taken if your life was in jeopardy. You cannot just look at someone acting crazy and determine if he’s actually crazy or just acting. For those few moments, it may be too late to figure it out.

Just how was this officer to know this kid had health issues?

Lawrence Thompson, Englewood

And the scandal of the day is…

What a lousy way to get started every day, turning on the news to see what scandal is rocking our world.

If it isn’t missiles being launched in the general direction of the Middle East, it’s illegal payments to a porn star or another poorly conceived tweet written to no one in particular.

I mean, who needs the National Enquirer anymore when we have the front page of the Sun-Times or a cell phone available?

It’s all getting to be just too much, I can hardly keep my cereal down anymore with all the name calling and finger pointing in Washington.

The divisiveness and contention that preoccupy our elected officials have spilled over into the uncivil discourse of the public.

It is a wonder that anyone votes when there are so many poor choices available. And to think every one of these candidates at one time or another was voted most likely to succeed. At what?

It didn’t all start with Donald Trump, but he is without a doubt the leading contributor to the malaise that has engulfed this country since he took office.

So what do you do when a sickness reaches epidemic proportions? The simple answer is you try to remove the organism that began the downward spiral. Special counsel Mueller, are you listening?

Bob Ory, Elgin