Russia. That is the message many in Congress, across the nation and in the White House are ignoring. Some in Congress attack Hillary Clinton, make excuses for President Trump and ignore the obvious to promote their own agenda.

The White House is only concerned with not investigating Trump. Then, many across the nation have their heads buried in the sand because they feel it does not affect them.

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This is not Democratic or Republican, this is an attack on our nation. We have to see this message. Russia is attacking America and will influence our future elections. We must investigate and get to the bottom, wherever it leads.

Scott R. Zuhr, Park Ridge

Trump cabinet does not inspire trust

How does one trust President Trump’s choice of candidates when so far his choices leave much to be desired? Look at Betsy DeVos, Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions — his cabinet! Trump does not inspire trust.

Ann Gutierrez, Tinley Park