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Sunday Letters: Sending feral cats after rats is barbaric

A few Chicago homeowners have begun using feral cats to keep down rat populations. (AP Photo/Frank Eltman)

The practice of using feral cats to eradicate rats in Chicago, as reportedly is being done, is barbaric and repugnant. Cats are vulnerable to many viruses and bacterias. Rats carry rabies and other serious diseases, possibly infecting the feral cats.  Feral cats should not be wandering the streets any more than dogs.

The exploitation of cats is unfair and unhealthy to all and should be stopped. You will have sick, dirty cats roaming the streets and a very unhealthy environment. Why is this practice legal?

Kathie Newhouse, Hyde Park

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Beward of Bernie’s bank-busting

America has now experienced about 75 weeks of positive job growth. The stock market has climbed steadily in the last seven  years, while Europe’s austerity approach has caused its economy to remain stagnant. Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to tear apart the banking system? You can’t dismantle it and put it back together without consequences. The economy is delicate and not to be trifled with. Regarding the banks, President Barack Obama has put new regulatory safe guards in place. It’s not a perfect solution, but in a democracy the pendulum has to swing slowly or people panic, selling their stocks and hoarding their money, which inevitably destroys the economy. A new cocktail drink should be named in Bernie’s honor, the Don Quixote, consisting of a mix of tequila and sour grapes.

Robert Anichini, Wildwood