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Sunday Letters: Who knew you couldn’t recycle plastic bags at home?

So plastic bags gum up the recycler’s equipment. Well, WHY in the heck did they not tell us not to recycle them? I assumed, since I saw the request to recycle them in the grocery store, that they should be recycled. No one ever told us that NO, they need to go to the grocery store’s recycler.

And no one with the recycle truck that picks up stuff ever told us not to do this. It is inconvenient to accumulate (no place to store until my monthly shopping trip), so I put them in the regular recycle stuff.

And speaking of recycling other plastics, they have a number system that who in the world can ever remember what they mean? Not me! What’s wrong with just printing an R if recyclable, and not printing it if not recyclable? And WHY do they have to print it so small?  Eight times out of ten, I can’t read it, even with my glasses.

I will never go back to using paper for groceries. Years past, when that’s all we had, paper bags tore up when they had too many cans or sharp cornered boxes. And they got wet from produce and meat, making them fall apart.

These same wet things can fill reusable bags with bacteria, making us sick. I’d rather use plastic. I try to recycle as much as I possibly can. Maybe they need to make us aware more often. We aren’t mind readers!

Marilynn Miller, Plainfield

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The problem with being educated 

Mona Charen’s borderline anti-Semitic column on Friday lamenting that Jews tend to be educated, and educated people tend to be liberals sure explains a lot. Mostly it explains why conservatives don’t believe the science of climate change, the continuing stain of racism on the American body politic, the virtues of diplomacy over war, the scourge of gun violence, and the repeated failures of so-called “trickle down” economics. Thanks for the admissions against interest, Mona.

Joel Ostrow, Deerfield


Traffic stops in Oz

All too often some decent officers get caught up in the nonsense belief that they are the all powerful OZ! I love that movie for this line “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”! When everyone including OZ realizes the charade, they can all operate at a better and normal pace! Dorothy makes it home from her traffic stop alive back to Kansas

Lorenzo Clemons, Beverly