On Sept. 17, US air strikes killed 62 Syrian soldiers and wounded more than 100. The Pentagon trotted out their best Steve Martin mask and bellowed “Excuuuuse me.” This essentially derailed cooperation between the United States and Russia to end the violence in Syria. Russia is aiding its neighbor and ally Syria to defeat the terrorist rebels seeking overthrow of President Assad. Russia also has a vested interest in stopping Islamic terrorists on its doorstep. The United States is playing a double game here: stopping the advance of ISIS while supporting regime change in Syria with what it fantasizes are “moderate” rebels. Memo to Uncle Sam: moderates in Syria don’t exist. Much or our support goes to the very folks we are trying to eradicate. In Syria, we’re more truly interested in Syrian regime change and poking the Russian Bear than stopping ISIS.

Walt Zlotow, Glen Ellyn

Trump can’t admit he’s a loser

Donald Trump has been laying the groundwork for his inevitable loss since he became a candidate. He started this nonsense — that the elections are rigged — during the primaries after he lost Colorado and Iowa. From the moment he began his run for the presidency, he has said he doesn’t like “losers” and he never loses. So, he says, the elections must be rigged.

Edwina Jackson, Longwood Manor

Trump’s no leader

Donald Trump’s continuing disgraceful, embarrassing debacle concerning allegations of his sexual indiscretions with women has created controversy among supporters and opponents. Regardless of the details, the following age-old wisdom remains paramount: No leader should ever abuse power, betray trust or violate boundaries. If one does not pay scrupulous attention to one’s boundaries (whether personal, political, professional, occupational or other), all relationships will be ruined.

Leon J. Hoffman, Lincoln Park