In your March 22, 2017 article “Red-light changes nowhere near enough, alderman say [March 22],” you quote Ald. Anthony Beale (9th) as saying “It’s not the yellow. It’s not the red. It’s gonna be that countdown that allows people to understand whether I have enough time to slow down, or do I need to speed up just a little bit to get through the intersection without getting a ticket?”

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Ald Anthony Beale (9th) | Sun-Times file photo

Coming from a lawmaker, this statement is extremely troubling. First of all, the countdown timer is intended for pedestrians to know if they have enough time to walk across the street, not for drivers to know if they should “speed up” to go through an intersection. More troubling is the fact is that too many drivers in Chicago openly and continuously flout the law and drive in reckless and illegal ways that endanger others around them. According the the “Fatality Tracker” on, eight pedestrians and a bicyclist have been killed by drivers on Chicago streets so far this year. This includes three hit-and-run murders.

Numerous others have been injured by drivers who blow through stop signs or lights and who fail to yield to pedestrians. Chicago drivers should start to slow down and respect traffic laws. A yellow light is a sign to slow down, not speed up. You won’t get a ticket if you follow that law, which is extremely easy to do. Also, you are just as likely to get caught at the next red light, so follow the law and stop.

Bruce Tyler, Hyde Park

Buy a ticket

Unless Shannon Watts’ true motivation was to cause airline employees to lose pass privileges she needs to mind her own business. Employees and their families are very aware of the dress code required to fly using passes and know that they are expected to adhere to it.

If she thinks what happened in Denver was wrong she should have been around 30-40 years ago when the dress code was more stringent. As a pass user, for the most part I was one of the best-dressed passengers, as I took the dress code very seriously and would not have wanted to cause the airline to consider taking that “perk” away. She needs to realize those flying on passes can dress like anyone else boarding that plane — all they have to do is buy a ticket!

Janet Lumm, Schaumburg

Inhumane Senate

The increasingly inhumane and irreverent Republican Senate has voted to allow cruel hunters to viciously kill baby wolves, bears, coyotes and their mothers in dens and other “safe” sanctuaries. This is an unpardonable abomination to placate cruel hunters, trappers and the horrific gun lobby. There has never been a Congress or president in recent decades that has been more harmful to the animal kingdom than the amoral morons who mercilessly control our government now. Their disrespect for poor and disabled humans is even more appalling.

Brien Comerford, Glenview

Inept president

Perhaps we were wrong about Donald Trump’s chances of becoming president. We were spot on correct about another thing. He truly is a totally inept president.

Martin Nicholson, Niles

A public treasure

Aga Furtak, left, originally from Poland, and her friend Elliot Weis, take in the view and sun along Lake Michigan as two cyclists pass by at Chicago’ North Avenue beach Friday. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Warm weather is approaching, and Chicago’s magnificent, matchless gem of a natural resource, its lakefront, beckons us to return to it and avail ourselves of its myriad offerings.

What better time than now to begin to plan to use this still pretty-much free, open, and public treasure to allow it help to soothe and relax us in the innumerable ways it can, from the challenging stresses that our beleaguered world has been exposing us to?

Empathy, civility, and common sense will ensure that all users of that marvelous space will benefit optimally from its splendor.

There is no place or need for boorishness, impulsivity, or any form of selfish, unkind, rude, or thoughtless behavior in such a spectacular setting.

Pedestrians, cyclists, skaters, picnickers, etc. use the area, and all people, regardless of age, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, political preference should be able to enjoy equal access to it.

What a splendid opportunity it offers us to recognize, appreciate, and value the diversity of Chicago’s citizens and its visitors.

Best wishes for a superb experience with this outstanding natural resource, our lakefront.

Leon J. Hoffman, Lake View