I immediately knew Donald Trump’s plan to implement tariffs on steel and aluminum was a terrible idea because it was crafted by his own design.

Contrary to the advice of his more knowledgeable colleagues, he decided he knew better than each and every one of them and went ahead with the announcement.

If he had bothered to do any research at all he would have soon discovered that the last time there was a tariff on steel the United States lost 200,000 jobs within 20 months.

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In fact, in the entire history of our country, tariffs have proven to be a losing proposition. The implementation of Trump’s plan will result in higher prices for all of us on such things as cars, kitchen appliances and even canned soda.

Perhaps worst of all, our leader will have put the skids on a booming economy and a robust stock market. But that’s typical Trump, always serving his own best interests even if it means potential disaster for everyone else both here and abroad.

Bob Ory, Elgin

Deadly driver gets an easy ride 

What part of homicide doesn’t Judge Marubio totally understand? We have a guy driving down the street at a high rate of speed with a drugstore worth of illegal drugs in his system and the judge thinks $7,500 is sufficient bail to let this killer back on the streets (“Reckless homicide charges in fatal 2016 car crash in Cragin” – Feb. 28).

Tim Evans should give her a really difficult job, like counting cars in the parking lot every hour.

Jim Guthrie, North Aurora

A simple solution for union due deniers

A fellow reader says unions are not under attack from a proposal that workers should not have to pay union dues if they choose not to be members of the union (“Those who tear down Illinois miss what’s great” – Feb 28).

There is an easy solution to this apparent difference of opinion. Unions spend money to negotiate wages and benefits for workers. Workers walk picket lines for better working conditions. If a person chooses not to accept the liabilities of union membership, then they also should not receive the benefits of union efforts on behalf of workers.

Let those who choose to remain out of the unions negotiate their own working conditions. It’s extremely simple, if you choose not to accept the liabilities, then you should not share in the benefits.

Daniel Pupo, Orland Park

Alderman of the people, and animals 

Chicago Alderman Ray Lopez (15th) merits commendation for his tireless and compassionate endeavors to help improve the Chicago Animal Care Facility and to ensure that its dogs and cats are kindly treated, fed and provided medical treatment if necessary.

He’s an admirable public official who does a very conscientious job by helping and accommodating the constituents and residents who live in his ward. His benevolence extends with a longstanding deep concern for the welfare of canines, felines and other companion animals.

Brien Comerford, Glenview