WATCH: Vicki Reece of “Joy of Mom” on rethinking Mother’s Day

SHARE WATCH: Vicki Reece of “Joy of Mom” on rethinking Mother’s Day
SHARE WATCH: Vicki Reece of “Joy of Mom” on rethinking Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day gift ideas are always a hot topic this time a year.

With the holiday less than a week away, retailers from florists to candy makers and everything in between are trying to grab our attention.

But store brought gifts are not the only option says our new Sun-Times video contributor Vicki Reece.

Vicki is the founder and CEO of Joy of Mom, an on-line community where millions connect over everything related to motherhood.

In her first video column, the suburban mom & social media maven shares her thoughts on the perfect Mother’s Day gifts and more.

Transcript from Vicki Reece

Hi! I’m Vicki Reece from Joy of Mom for the Sun-Times, and I’m rethinking Mother’s Day!

Instead of flowers, gifts, and brunching or lunching at crowded spots — time alone with my family is my #1 choice for Mother’s Day.


Here’s a 411 of my ideal day…

• Coffee in bed (freshly brewed by my hubby).

• Breakfast around our kitchen table (It’s really fun for the whole family to plan and make. You’ll see…give it a try!)

• Be ever so present – yep… ‘ever so present’ – in the moment and talk about how we’d like to spend our special day together. Planning ahead can be overrated. And, as we all know, most holidays are always planned well in advance.

• Be spontaneous and let everyone share how they would love to spend this special day – together! (Beautiful walk in nature. Picnic at the beach, nearby park or even in your own backyard. And if it’s (still) cold outside where you live – board games or putting together a big puzzle in your cozy family room.

• And last, but not least, say bye-bye to cell and all electronics for the day. Unless, of course, part of your day includes cuddling around the couch watching one of your favorite family movies.

Whatever you do Mother’s Day I hope it’s what you love! And, this way, your family will love it too!

I’m Vicki Reece for the Sun-Times. Have a great one!

Check back soon for another Vicki Reece video commentary on everything mom.

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