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LETTERS: Why I left the Republican Party

President Donald Trump. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty file photo

I miss the articulation and clarity of the Obama administration. Our politicians should be setting good examples, not being bad influences. To besmirch such and office — as Trump has — denigrates our reputation around the world. We are not a nation of hairdo’s and tailor-made suits; we are a nation of hardworking people. We have seen the future of the Republican Party; it is threadbare in its integrity and stooped down to a level of vulgarities.

This is not the nation I envisioned. My own relatives passed the Statue of Liberty entering our country and they were not privileged. They didn’t build golf courses. They took what jobs they could. That is the America I used to know, not the one of offensive language to our newfound citizens. The Obama family left the nation with dignity. Now I cannot fathom our current state of disarray. I have had to step out of the Republican Party.

Vincent Kamin, Streeterville

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Why would Norwegians come to U.S.?

Much is being made of Trump’s comments on Thursday regarding our country’s acceptance of immigrants. “Why?” he muses, “do we have to accept so many from s—hole countries? Why not from countries like Norway?”

A better question might be, “Why would any clear-headed, self-respecting Norwegian ever consider the United States as an alternative place to reside?” Why would any Scandinavian ever trade their peaceful, nurturing lifestyle for the divisive and mean-spirited nature of our current government? Poll after poll indicates that the people of Norway, Sweden and Denmark are the most contented of all the nations on Earth. And why not? After all, they have a national health care system, they treat their senior citizens with the utmost respect and dignity, and they truly value the lives of their workers. But best of all, they don’t have Donald Trump as their elected leader.

Bob Ory, Elgin