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Breaking News Alerts

Know about important local and national developments as soon as they happen.

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Morning Edition

Get more of our award-winning local news and political coverage sent directly to your inbox every morning by signing up for our Morning Edition newsletter.
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Afternoon Edition

Chicago’s most important news of the day, delivered every weekday afternoon. Plus, a bonus issue on Saturdays that dives into the city’s storied history.

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Coronavirus Newsletter

Everything you need to know about the novel coronavirus COVID-19, with a focus on its impact on Chicago and Illinois.

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All Chicago sports stories making news as they break, plus headlines every morning by 7 a.m.
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Halas Intrigue Bears Report

Expert analysis and reporting before and after every Bears game, from the journalists who cover the Monsters of the Midway best.

High School Sports Weekly

Your weekly rundown of all the news related to high school basketball and football in the Chicago area.

Education This Week newsletter

Education This Week

Chicago’s top education stories, features and commentary sent to you weekly.
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The top entertainment stories, features and must-read reviews sent to you weekly.
Murals and Mosaics Newsletter

Murals and Mosaics Newsletter

A weekly look at the murals, mosaics and public art in Chicago’s neighborhoods, and the stories behind them.
Opinion Newsletter

Opinion This Week

A weekly overview of opinions, analysis and commentary on issues affecting Chicago, Illinois and our nation by outside contributors, Sun-Times readers and the CST Editorial Board.
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La Voz a Las Dos

Las noticias más importantes del día — en español. Es un email diario y es gratis para todos.

The most important news of the day — in Spanish. It’s a daily email and free for everyone.

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