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About our owners

The Chicago Sun-Times is owned by a coalition of businesspeople, philanthropists and labor organizations that is committed to keeping Chicago one of the world’s most vibrant cities for quality journalism. Our news organization is committed to transparency, especially given that some owners make political contributions and, in some cases, have worked in government or served as government appointees.

The newspaper discloses its owners each year in its print editions as part of a “statement of ownership, management and circulation.” Key owners are:

  • STIH LLC, including Michael Sacks and W. Rockwell Wirtz
  • LCG Newshound LLC, including Leonard C. Goodman
  • International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150
  • Labor/Management Union Carpentry Corporation Promotion Fund
  • Construction and General Laborers’ District Council of Chicago and Vicinity

To see the complete statement of ownership as it appears in the paper, click here.

State and federal law require disclosure of campaign contributions by individuals, businesses, political action committees and other entities. To search non-federal contributions, go to To search federal contributions, go to