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Subscription Offers

See our latest print and digital offers

Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription period at the amount indicated in the offer selected. Your subscription fee may change following any subscription period. You will receive notification of any subscription fee changes, and may cancel your subscription at any time by calling (888) 848-4637 or by accessing your Sun-Times online account. In most cases, cancellation will only affect future subscription periods and refunds for current subscription periods will not be available. You may request a written copy of applicable terms and conditions by calling (888) 848-4637 or by visiting

All print subscriptions may include up to ten (10) Premium Editions per year. For each Premium Edition your account will be charged up to an additional $2.00 in the billing period the edition publishes. This will result in shortening the length of your billing period. Print subscription offers are available to new subscribers and households that have not subscribed to the Chicago Sun-Times in the last 30 days and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts. Print subscription offer is good for one per household. Sunday service includes Thanksgiving.

By completing your order, you agree that the Sun-Times may automatically charge your payment method prior to each renewal.