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Cubs are no longer the favorites to win World Series

After a disappointing start to the season that leaves the Cubs two games under .500 at the All-Star break, the 2016 World Series champions are no longer the favorite to repeat.

The Cubs began the year as co-favorites with the Red Sox at 9-2 to win the World Series but have since fallen to 8-1, according to the latest odds from Bovada.

Even as of June 1 the Cubs were 5-1 favorites, but their struggle to get on track deeper into the season has dropped them considerably.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the current favorite at 7-2 followed by the Houston Astros at 17-4, the Boston Red Sox at 6-1 and the Washington Nationals at 7-1.

The Cleveland Indians, losers of the 2016 World Series, are tied with the Cubs at 8-1.

Current Odds to win World Series

(from Bovada)

Los Angeles Dodgers 7/2

Houston Astros 17/4

Boston Red Sox 6/1

Washington Nationals 7/1

Chicago Cubs 8/1

Cleveland Indians 8/1

New York Yankees 14/1

Arizona Diamondbacks 16/1

Colorado Rockies 25/1

Milwaukee Brewers 25/1

Kansas City Royals 33/1

Toronto Blue Jays 50/1

St. Louis Cardinals 50/1

Minnesota Twins 66/1

Tampa Bay Rays 66/1

Baltimore Orioles 75/1

Los Angeles Angels 75/1

Seattle Mariners 75/1

Texas Rangers 75/1

Detroit Tigers 100/1

New York Mets 100/1

Pittsburgh Pirates 100/1

Atlanta Braves 150/1

Chicago White Sox 500/1

Cincinnati Reds 500/1

Miami Marlins 500/1

Oakland Athletics 500/1

Philadelphia Phillies Off the Board

San Diego Padres Off the Board

San Francisco Giants Off the Board

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