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Cubs’ World Series odds improve post-trade deadline; 2nd pick in NL

The Cubs’ Kris Bryant, right, and Jason Heyward, second from right, celebrate in the dugout after they and Victor Caratini scored on Anthony Rizzo's double on July 26, 2017. | Charles Rex Arbogast/AP

The Cubs’ odds to make a repeat appearance in the World Series have improved after MLB’s trade deadline to 7-to-2 from the previous 6-to-1, according to

The Cubs’ front office had a busy few weeks executing two of the bigger deals of the season. They added starting pitcher Jose Quintana from the White Sox on July 13 and then acquired reliever Justin Wilson and catcher Alex Avila from the Tigers a day before the July 31 deadline.

Overall, the Cubs are the oddsmakers’ second choice the Dodgers, who have the best record in the majors and remain the far-and-away favorite to win the World Series at 5-to-3 odds. They pulled off a blockbuster deal at the deadline, which sent Rangers ace Yu Darvish to southern California. Behind the Dodgers and the Cubs are the Nationals at 4-to-1, the Diamondbacks at 14-to-1 and the Rockies at 14-to-1.

The White Sox’ continue to be longest of long-shots to make the World Series. They are now 1,000-to-1 to win the A.L. pennant, which has dropped to 200-to-1 on July 20. The Sox have kept adding young prospects with each of their deals. In addition to the Quintana trade, they also sent slugger Todd Frazier and reliever David Robertson to the Yankees on July 18 and outfielder Melky Cabrera to the Royals on July 30.

Complete odds are below:


[Odds from July 20 are provided for comparison in square brackets.]

Los Angeles Dodgers: 5/3 [7/4]

Cubs: 7/2 [6/1]

Washington Nationals: 4/1 [7/2]

Arizona Diamondbacks: 14/1 [10/1]

Colorado Rockies: 16/1 [14/1]

Milwaukee Brewers: 29/1 [15/1]

St Louis Cardinals: 50/1 [33/1]

Pittsburgh Pirates: 66/1 [50/1]

New York Mets: 250/1 [100/1]

Miami Marlins: 300/1 [500/1]

Atlanta Braves: 350/1 [100/1]

Cincinnati Reds: 1000/1 [500/1]

San Diego Padres: 1000/1 [750/1]

San Francisco Giants: 2000/1 [1000/1]

Philadelphia Phillies: 3000/1 [3000/1]


Houston Astros: 5/2 [5/2]

New York Yankees: 5/1 [7/1]

Cleveland Indians: 11/2 [13/2]

Boston Red Sox: 13/2 [9/2]

Kansas City Royals: 7/1 [19/1]

Tampa Bay Rays: 35/1 [24/1]

Seattle Mariners: 40/1 [33/1]

Los Angeles Angels: 45/1 [35/1]

Minnesota Twins: 50/1 [24/1]

Baltimore Orioles: 75/1 [50/1]

Toronto Blue Jays: 80/1 [40/1]

Texas Rangers: 100/1 [40/1]

Detroit Tigers: 300/1 [66/1]

Oakland Athletics: 500/1 [175/1]

White Sox: 1000/1 [200/1]

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