Sweet Dem debate special. Everything you need to know about Clinton, Obama, in 30 seconds. Edwards brilliant “hair” video refocus to bigger issue. Report 7. UPDATED.

SHARE Sweet Dem debate special. Everything you need to know about Clinton, Obama, in 30 seconds. Edwards brilliant “hair” video refocus to bigger issue. Report 7. UPDATED.
SHARE Sweet Dem debate special. Everything you need to know about Clinton, Obama, in 30 seconds. Edwards brilliant “hair” video refocus to bigger issue. Report 7. UPDATED.

WASHINGTON Everything you need to know about Clinton, Obama in 30 seconds. And Edwards presents a powerful, inspired diffusing of critics of his $400 haircut.

But first…the format is a winner… Using YouTube videos submitted by viewers–is terrific. It worked. And this may influence future debates.

The questionsso far not all plowing new ground, is turning it smartly, nonetheless. All the candidates were asked to produce 30 second videos. The best videos came from the Clinton, Edwards and Obama campaigns. They were hip.

Clinton does not appear in her spot, genius in its simplicity. It concludes with the line, , Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.

Edwards, hit for his $400 haircut, addresses the topic head on. To the music “Hair,” the pictures go from hair to clips dealing with issues–health, poverty war. It ends with “what really matters.”

Obamas video uses lots of clips of him and puts these words on the screen: Save the planet and We can change the world. I

The campaigns boiled down to 30 seconds.

Below, releases from Clinton, Edwards campaigns about their videos…

This from Clinton campaign.

Video Created By Zachary Goode of California

Hillary Clinton for President announced the winner of its YouTube video contest today. Zachary Goode of Los Angeles, CA created the video called, By The Numbers in two days. The 30-second video is a sequence of statistics about the state of the country and ends with the line, Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman. It will air tonight during the CNN/YouTube Democratic presidential debate. You can view the video by visiting http://www.hillaryclinton.com/bythenumbers .

“I strongly support Hillary for President because I believe she possesses equal parts idealism and pragmatism,” said Goode. “She knows the greatness our country has to offer, but at the same time, she knows there’s a lot of hard work needed to reverse the damage caused over the last 7 years.”

An aspiring filmmaker, Goode, 30, is the post production supervisor for the University of Southern Californias Shoah Foundation Institute. Goode was raised in Grand Haven, MI and attended The College of Wooster. He later earned a Masters in Fine Arts degree at Chapman University. His thesis film, Look Away, was screened at numerous film festivals around the world.

In addition to Goode’s “By The Numbers” video, the campaign is highlighting several other contest submissions. You can view all the finalists’ videos here .

I congratulate Zach for his thoughtful commentary about the importance of this election, said Hillary Clinton. I am grateful to Zach and all the people who submitted videos for their creativity. YouTube has truly opened up the political process in new and exciting ways. I look forward to tapping into the imagination of my virtual ad team as the campaign continues.”

The Clinton campaign launched the contest almost two weeks ago after CNN and YouTube asked all the candidates to create a thirty-second video to be aired during the debate. The campaign asked its supporters to take on the assignment and submit their own videos, explaining to America why Hillary is their choice for President.

Clinton’s YouTube initiative is her latest groundbreaking effort on the Internet. Several weeks ago, the campaign launched the HillCam, posting behind the scenes footage of Hillary and President Clinton campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire on Hillary’s website. Last month, Hillary’s web video send-up of the Sopranos finale announcing her campaign song drew several million views on the Internet. More than 200,000 votes were cast online and 25,000 wrote-in to suggest their own song choices. The video announcing the campaign song contest, “I Need Your Advice,” received 623,515 views in the last two months, the most watched campaign clip for any candidate in the race.



###What Really Matters can be found here: http://johnedwards.com/hair/

Tonight in our video, the Edwards campaign has taken on what the press is convinced is its biggest vulnerability: a haircut. There were lots of questions posed to the candidates, but tonight we asked one of our own: what really matters? Were asking what really matters to the 45 million Americans without health care, the 37 million in poverty, the soldiers serving overseas who dont have adequate body armor, and to the countless middle class families who may not struggle to get by, but do struggle to get ahead.

As Edwards drives the Democratic agenda by leading with bold and specific ideas, we believe the stakes are too high to not focus on issues that matter. As President, John Edwards will dramatically change the direction of this country and no haircut is going to stop him.

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