Biden to stump in Florida during GOP Tampa convention; GOP “dogfood”

SHARE Biden to stump in Florida during GOP Tampa convention; GOP “dogfood”
SHARE Biden to stump in Florida during GOP Tampa convention; GOP “dogfood”

WASHINGTON–The Obama campaign team disclosed more details Thursday about Vice President Joe Biden’s stumping in Florida next week–during the Republican convention in Tampa.

I asked about Biden’s Florida swing at a briefing here with six senior campaign officials and here’s more about what he will be doing: Biden will deliver a speech Monday in Tampa and also appear in Orland and St. Augustine. President Barack Obama will make a college tour stumping next week in three battleground states and First Lady Michelle Obama will be on the campaign road.

At the briefing here were questions about potential GOP “sideshows” during the convention that would take away from the central messaging goals of Mitt Romney’s campaign.

Making a reference to anti- immigration firebrands Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio who will be in Tampa during the convention, of the officials joked, “I may pay to livestream that, that’s going to be a great moment for the Obama campaign.”

And questions about “repackaging” Romney during the convention was met with this from one of the officials: “It is a doubtful proposition the new dogfood will sell any better than the old dogfood.”

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