Sweet special: Ellen DeGeneres talks to Jenna Bush. Jenna wants to meet Chelsea. Transcript.

SHARE Sweet special: Ellen DeGeneres talks to Jenna Bush. Jenna wants to meet Chelsea. Transcript.

WASHINGTON–There is an intersection between show business and politics where political and entertainment celebrities mix. And on Wednesday, Ellen DeGeneres parked herself on that corner when she interviewed one of the first daughters, Jenna Bush.

Turns out Jenna she wants to meet Chelsea Clinton. (Who is expected to surface any week now to stump for her mom.)

Said Jenna, on a book tour, “maybe we’ll go get a cup of coffee in New York when this is all over.” Said Ellen, “we should have coffee too. I’ll be your friend.”

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Transcript from The Ellen DeGeneres Show

On Wednesday, December 5, First Daughter Jenna Bush makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. They discussed being in the public eye, her recent engagement and if shes friends with Chelsea Clinton. Also during the segment, Ellen asked if Jenna would call her parents, The President of the United States and the First Lady Laura Bush at home. Below is a transcript of what took place.

Ellen: I’ve talked to your mom on the phone before.

Jenna: She told me.

Ellen: Really? Good. Did she have fun?

Jenna: She did have fun. She said she thought she sounded stupid.

Which I’m sure she did.

Ellen: No, she was great. And we talked about all her work she’s

doing. And she was great. And of course, I’ve met your grandfather,

who I just adore. I mean I think he has a little soft spot for me,

too. I think.

Jenna: He couldn’t be a better grandfather. I have to say.

Ellen: He is the greatest, sweetest guy. I had so much fun. He was so

cool. We just sat. We had dinner together in New Orleans, and

everything he ordered he made me taste. And then he made me taste, he

had some kind of cocktail that he had that was delicious.

Everythingyou have to have this, try this.

Jenna: He’s so cute. He’s so generousI really adore him. I’m pretty lucky.


Ellen: Here’s my question to youI would think it would be the hardest

thing in the world for you to make friends?

Jenna: Really? You know, it is. Luckily I’ve had a lot of great friends that

I’ve had for a long time. My friend that took the photographs in this

book is here today. She’d be really embarrassed if you showed her.

I’ve known her since I was 16. And I have great friends from high

school, and college. So yeah, I do make good friends with working. A

lot of my colleagues at school became great friends of mine. So, I

think it takes a little bit longer but usually people are good.

Most people are. But its got to be really hard to trust people

and to know.

Ellen: Are you friends with Chelsea? Do you know Chelsea at all?

Jenna: Well, I want to know her. She emailed me after of course three

interviews (while promoting her book). I said, “Call me Chelsea, and then the next day I got an email. And I was like I wonder why she didnt call or email,

because I begged her to. I think she seems like a very lovely


Ellen: Yeah, because you got to have someone. You have your sister

obviously. But to have this kind of experience, to live

the life that you’re living, very few people can share that with you.

And Chelsea would be somebody. I think you all have a lot in common.

Jenna: I think so. I think maybe we’ll go get a cup of coffee in New

York when this is all over.

Ellen: We should have coffee too. I’ll be your friend.

Jenna: Yeah, that will be fun. You can come.

Ellen: I would like to hang out too. I’ll just invite myself. Because

I drink coffee.

Jenna: Great. I would love it if you could come.


Ellen: And congratulations on being engaged.

Jenna: I think he’s much cuter in real life, though I have to say.

Ellen: That’s not a good picture of him?

Jenna: I mean, I think he looks cute. But I think he’s cuter in real

life. Not with the tie.

Ellen: Is he not usually that dressed up?

Jenna: Well he’s in business school so he usually wears T-shirts.

Ellen: In business school?

Jenna: Yeah in business school you don’t have to dress up.

Ellen: Really? That’s ironic. I would think that you’d have to dress up.

Jenna: Yeah, I think it’s the last couple of years before you have to

become really uptight.

Ellen: Oh, then you suddenly have to transition.

Jenna: Then you have to get out the suits again, exactly.


Ellen: I’m just fascinated because I think you’re in a situation, to

witness, to be in show business you’re criticized all the time. You’re

judged all the time. To be the President of the United States, you’re

Criticized all the time. For that to be your dad has got to be you know?

And everybody, whatever their relationship is with their parents You

can love them like crazy, but they can drive you crazy. You know

everybody loves their parents. But it still is really hard. It’s got

to be really hard for you to walk that line. To go, that’s my dad, and

to hear criticism.

Jenna: Well, I try not to watch that much television or read anything,

you know, I mean any newspaper.

Ellen: This is a safe show, because you’ll laugh every day. You can

watch this every day.

Jenna: I do watch you a lot actually. But nothing where I know there’s

obvious things to stay away from. But also, he knew that when he got

this job. He knew there would be the possibility to be criticized. And

I try not to listen to what other people say, but I know they are

criticizing him in a role. That he is very different to them than he

is to me…he’s my father. So I see him as someone that is totally

different. And I understand that, and I just try not to listen.


Ellen: Does it make you stronger as a person because you’ve witnessed

growing up with your grandfather in office and now your father is. To

understand how to have a thick skin?

Jenna: Probably, and it makes me never want to go into politics.

Ellen: Really?

Jenna: I have no interest anyway, but if I did, it would be out the

window, I’m sure. My sister feels the same way just because we’ve seen

people we love be criticized and it just doesn’t seem like the type of

life I’d want to live.

Ellen: No I can’t imagine anybody wanting to go into that. You can’t

please everybody. Especially with politics, it’s justyou know.


Ellen: Now, is it easy, like if you just feel like calling him at

anytime do they go, oh, like he’s in a meeting?

Jenna: I usually call him in the evening or in the morning when I know

they’ll both be at home.

Ellen: Right. Because if I call my agent and my manager and they’re

like, oh, they’re in a meeting, when they’re not

Audience laughs

Ellen: Could you just pick up the phone like right now and call him?

Jenna: Sure. He’s going to kill me though.

Ellen: Just say hi.

Jenna: You think I’m allowed to do this?

Ellen: Why not? You’re his daughter.

Ellen: I could just call the White House Main Line.

Jenna: What time is it there? They’re definitely asleep. What time is it there?

Ellen: No its only 4:30 right now so it’s like 7:30.

Jenna: They may be in a holiday reception right now but I’ll try to

call my mom’s line.

Jenna: I’m going to get in trouble!

Ellen: Here, see if you have a dial tone. Hit 9.

Jenna: You’re not recording the number or anything?

Ellen: No no noI’m covering the number. Nobody’s even looking. I’m

not looking. I don’t want to get in trouble. I just want to say

hiI’ll call your grandfather if he doesn’t answer.

Jenna: We’ll try it. I’m not going to get anything I asked for Christmas.

Jenna: This is Lindsey. Hi Lindsey, I’m on the Ellen show. Are my

parents there? I’m on the Ellen show she’s going to kill me.

Ellen: Hey Lindsey, how are you doing?

Lindsey: Hi! I think she might be on your dad’s line. But I’ll transfer you.

Jenna: Okay.

Ellen: Well, I’ve already talked to her..let me talk to the dad.

Jenna: They’re going to kill me, I’m going to be in so much trouble..

Ellen: No, they’re going to be thrilled. Why wouldn’t they want to

say, “Hi” to everybody, and say “Merry Christmas?

Jenna: They may have wanted some warning.

Ellen: We’re not barging in while theyre in their pajamas or something.

Jenna: Hi Mom? I hope so. It’s like a phone call straight to live television.

Ellen: It’s just a hello.

First Lady Laura Bush: Hey Jenna.

Jenna: Hi Mom.

First Lady Laura Bush: Hey I’m not watching you because you’re taping right now.

Jenna: What are you doing, then?

First Lady Laura Bush: I’m just sitting here with Daddy.

Ellen: Oh hey! It’s Ellen. I wanted to say hi to Daddy.

Audience cheers.

Jenna: Dad, Mom

First Lady Laura Bush: Here he is

Jenna: Ok, bye mom.

Ellen: No wait

Jenna: I love you.

President Bush: Where you going?

Jenna: I’m not going anywhere, Dad.

President Bush: I love you.

Ellen: Hello President Bushhow are you?

Jenna: This is the Ellen Degeneres Show.

President Bush: Well that’s great!

Ellen: How’s it going?

President Bush: It’s going great, Ellen. How’s my little girl doing?

Ellen: Oh, she’s great. She’s scared she’s going to get in trouble,

because I just said, “Is it easy to just pick up the phone and call

your dad anytime? She said, “Yes”. So I said, “Okay well, let’s call

him, and then she goes, “oh”, and now she’s scared that she’s not

going to get any Christmas presents.

Jenna: Dad?

President Bush: Yes, baby.

Jenna: Are you mad?

President Bush: No, not at all. I’m excited to talk to you. I’m glad

to talk to Ellen.

Ellen: Look, we are showing a picture of you holding your daughters

when they were just born. That’s beautiful.

Jenna: Best day of your life, remember Dad?

Ellen: All right, well, we just wanted to say Merry Christmas, and we

thought you’d want to say Merry Christmas to our audience.

President Bush: I do want to say Merry Christmas to your audience, and

I want to tell my little girl I love her.

Jenna: I love you too, Dad.

Jenna: See, I’m not in trouble.

Ellen: You’re not in trouble, that’s great.

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