Mitt and Ann Romney anniversary today: “Love Story” video

SHARE Mitt and Ann Romney anniversary today: “Love Story” video
SHARE Mitt and Ann Romney anniversary today: “Love Story” video

below, from the Romney campaign…..


Boston, MA – Romney for President today released a new web video titled “The Love Story Continues.”

To Watch “The Love Story Continues,” Please See:

Script For “The Love Story Continues” (Web Video)

ANN ROMNEY: “I think Mitt now will say that I dug it in really, really deep and he’s never been able to escape the grasp that I got ahold of him.”

VIDEO TEXT: “On March 21, 1969 Mitt and Ann married.”

ANN ROMNEY: “My 16th birthday party was when Mitt and I really became sort of an item.”

VIDEO TEXT: “The love story began.”

ANN ROMNEY: “We’d maybe been dating for about three weeks before that but I think we were starting to fall in love. Mitt helped plan it and it was sort of the beginning of our romance. Mitt had this enormous energy, this enormous infection for life, the love of life. I was very careful about not letting him know how I felt about him. I think that drove him crazy. When he left, it was very painful, knowing I wasn’t going to see him for two and a half years. I kept my composure together going to the airport with his whole family, coming home from the airport with his whole family. And then I opened the door to my house, I fell on the floor and just sobbed and sobbed. And my poor mother she was like, ‘What are we going to do?’ We have boxes and boxes of letters. They’re very childish. But they’re very sweet. Oh, yes, we still have them. He flew in, December of ’68. That runway came out into the airport. Of course his mother’s got her arms open and he runs right by her and grabs me and that was it. It was instantaneous again. It was like we hadn’t missed a beat. No one would believe that we had such deep feelings for each other. That we were really in love. We had a bit of a powwow with both sets of parents. All four of them came and they sat us down and they were going to have this serious meeting. ‘No, you can’t get married. You’re too young. You just haven’t had a chance to really settle in and get to know each other again. This is way too rushed and you just shouldn’t do this.’ My mother’s like, ‘I can’t plan a wedding.’ All Mitt and I wanted to do was just go get married. We didn’t want any parties. We didn’t want anything fancy. We just wanted to get married. We compromised and waited until March 21st. And March 21st happened to have been four years after our first date. One year later, our oldest son Tagg was born on March 21st as well so that’s sort of an important day in our life.”

VIDEO TEXT: “March 21, 2012 the love story continues.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Happy Anniversary!”


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