Bush: On border patrol again at Laredo. Another immigration push in New Mexico.

SHARE Bush: On border patrol again at Laredo. Another immigration push in New Mexico.
SHARE Bush: On border patrol again at Laredo. Another immigration push in New Mexico.

President Bush keeps on the immigration beat in Texas and New Mexico today as Congress is headed to a House-Senate stalemate on vastly separate bills.

Bush speech at 12:00 p.m. Chicago time.

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This morning, President Bush will participate in a tour of a Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico, followed by remarks on border security and comprehensive immigration reform. In the afternoon, the President will participate in a briefing at Laredo Border Patrol Sector Headquarters.

10:25 am:

MDT THE PRESIDENT participates in a Tour of Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center | Artesia, New Mexico

11:00 am:

MDT THE PRESIDENT makes Remarks on Border Security and Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center | Artesia, New Mexico

3:30 pm:

CDT THE PRESIDENT participates in a Briefing at Laredo Border Patrol Sector Headquarters

Laredo Border Patrol Sector Headquarters | Laredo, Texas

President Bush Discusses His Support For The Marriage Protection Amendment. “For the second time in three days, President Bush implored the Senate to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, saying Monday that the issue needs to be wrestled away from ‘overreaching judges’ and placed in the hands of the American people.’Marriage is the most fundamental institution of civilization and it should not be redefined by activist judges,’ Bush said following a meeting with amendment supporters in the White House. ‘Our policies should aim to strengthen families, not undermine them. And our changing the definition of marriage would undermine the family structure.'” (William Douglas, “Bush Reiterates Support For Amendment Banning Gay Marriage,” Knight Ridder, 6/5/06)

President Bush Discusses Darfur With The President Of The Republic Of Congo. “Bush met at the White House with Denis Sassou-Nguesso, president of the Republic of Congo and head of the 53-nation African Union, to discuss Darfur, AIDS and other issues. ‘We talked about our common commitment to help end the genocide in Darfur,’ Bush said in the Oval Office. ‘I appreciate the president’s leadership in helping negotiate a peace agreement, and I appreciate his leadership in working with the United Nations so we can get the AU forces blue-helmeted as quickly as possible.'” (“Bush, President Of Congo Discuss Darfur,” The Associated Press, 6/5/06)

President Bush Discusses Immigration Reform With Honduran President Zelaya. “‘I assured him that my administration supports a comprehensive immigration bill that treats people with respect, and at the same time upholds our laws,’ Bush said. Zelaya, speaking through a translator to reporters brought in at the end of the meeting, thanked Bush for ‘the frankness with which he has spoken about the solutions to the common problems we face in the Western Hemisphere.'” (Nedra Pickler, “Bush Hears Concerns From Honduran Leader,” The Associated Press, 6/5/06)

Enhanced Border Enforcement Leads To An Increase In Arrests. “The Border Patrol says apprehensions of illegal immigrants along the Mexican border are up nearly 4% so far this year because of increased enforcement. Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar said Monday there has been no surge in the number of illegal crossings since President Bush announced in May that 6,000 National Guard troops would be sent to the border. Aguilar expects a decrease as more agents and Guard members are deployed. Border Patrol spokesman Richard Rojas says apprehensions at the southern border are up this year to 826,109, from 795,218 at this point in 2005. ‘We’re enforcing more; therefore, we’re apprehending more,’ he says.” (Judy Keen, “More Migrants Apprehended Along Border,” USA Today, 6/6/06)

National Guard Will Have 800 Troops Supporting Border Patrol At Southern Border By Mid-June. “The National Guard will have 800 troops along the U.S.-Mexican border by mid-June, and the 6,000 troops President Bush pledged to send to the southern border will be in place by Aug. 1, Lt. Gen. H. Steven Blum said Monday. … The troops are being sent to augment the Homeland Security Department’s Border Patrol while the agency recruits 6,000 additional agents. If the Border Patrol can meet that goal, set by Bush in a speech May 15, it will have 18,000 agents by the end of 2008, a doubling since the Sept. 11 attacks prompted tighter border security. ‘It’s going to be a very dynamic operation over the next two years,’ Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar said. ‘As a force multiplier, it will be tremendous’ to have the Guard’s help, he said.” (Mimi Hall, “800 Guard Members To Be Added To Border Soon,” USA Today, 6/6/06)

New York Times Columnist John Tierney Says A Temporary Worker Program Is Necessary To Border Security. “Today President Bush and the Senate are trying to apply that lesson by expanding the number of legal immigrants and temporary workers. These visiting workers would have more rights than braceros, which is why the reforms are supported by the United Farm Workers and other unions. But Republicans in the House are resisting. They say they won’t expand legal opportunities until the border is first secured which will never happen if they have their way.” (John Tierney, “Securing The Border (Again),” The New York Times, 6/6/06)

Homeland Security Advisor Frances Townsend Discusses Border Security. TOWNSEND: “Well, you know, Wolf, we’re vulnerable at all of our ports of entry. For that reason, particularly on the northern border, the president since 2001 has tripled the number of Border Patrol agents, he’s we’ve invested over $120 million in advanced technology along the northern border. We’re working with the Canadian government on a Western Hemisphere travel card that is biometrically enabled so we can facilitate legitimate travel but be sure that we understand and know who’s coming in and exiting our country.” (CNN’s “The Situation Room,” 6/5/06)

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) Predicts Quick Confirmation For Treasury Secretary Nominee Henry Paulson. “Henry Paulson Jr. met Monday with the head of the Senate Finance Committee, who predicted that President Bush’s selection as Treasury secretary could be confirmed and on the job by early July. Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said he and Paulson had a productive meeting and that he believed the nomination could win Senate approval before Congress leaves for the July 4 break. Grassley praised Paulson, chief executive of the Wall Street investment firm Goldman Sachs, for the ‘vast amount of experience’ he will bring to the job.” (Martin Crutsinger, “Grassley Sees Quick Paulson Confirmation,” The Associated Press, 6/6/06)

Pentagon Report Finds Iraqis Have Confidence In New Government. “Attacks and casualty levels against civilians and military personnel in Iraq have risen ‘substantially’ since the December elections, but Iraqis have confidence the new Baghdad government will improve the situation, according to the Defense Department’s quarterly report to Congress. ‘The formation of the new, permanent Iraqi government that addresses key sectarian and political concerns could help reverse the attack trend,’ states the report, which measured progress in Iraq through May.” (Walter Pincus, “Iraqis Believe Violence Will Abate, New Report Says,” The Washington Post, 6/6/06)

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