Waiting for Hurricane Sandy

(photo by Lynn Sweet)

WASHINGTON–Getting ready for Hurricane Sandy this afternoon. Broke the glass top of patio table moving it so it would not get blown. Moved planters. Flashlights by the door. Water bottles full. Wind up emergency flashlight and radio (see photo above) handy. Electronic gizmos charged. Taking in rocking chairs off the front porch. Cleared out front gutters.

Will sleep downstairs tonight, in case tree next door falls on the house. Happens all the time here.

The Latest
A lawsuit filed against the city of Chicago on behalf of Daniel Taylor accused CPD officers of beating Taylor into a false confession and coercing false confessions from six other men, one of whom fingered Taylor as having “participated” in the double-murder.
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Tyshon Brownlee, 19, is accused of shooting Dakotah Earley earlier this month in Lincoln Park, an attack that was caught on video and showed Earley yelling out the passcode of his phone as Brownlee shot him three times, according to police.
The 30-year-old Swiss international has a base salary of $7.35 million and total compensation of $8,153,000.
The unusual move came more than a month after the testimony of Keith Billiot, now retired, a former supervisory special agent for the DEA. He later walked back his comment, telling a judge race was “irrelevant” to the DEA’s work.